Transactional Analysis

Are You Still Breathing?

There were two occasions during the presentation, when the word breathe appeared on the screen. I had put it there for my own benefit, as a reminder for me to

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Internal Dialogues

We all talk to ourselves, whether in full conversations or just one-liners. The things we say can be destructive, corrective, empowering or belittling. Some are deliberate, whilst others are less

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It’s My Script

This entry looks at the nature of script and provides background information for the sequence of 11 historical posts between 23rd July 2000 (Brothers & Mothers) and 11th August 2000

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Child Ego State

This is a TA (Transactional Analysis) term and needs a little clarification because of the two approaches I have used: one in my journals (see this entry, from 11 years

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In Transactional Analysis, ‘drivers‘ are the behavioural patterns we unconsciously and repeatedly fall back on, particularly in times of stress. They are the elements which drive our behaviour. As with

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Time Structuring

This is how Transactional Analysis defines our use of time. It is an example of the simplicity of TA because whatever we are doing, it falls into one of only

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20 Minutes In 20 Years

This post is about the precious nature of human contact. I will use it to introduce the aspect of Transactional Analysis (TA) known as Strokes. Yesterday I met up with

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4,017 Days

In February 2000, in England, I began working closely with an uncompromising and unconventioanl therapist called Karaj. His approach was grounded in Transactional Analysis (TA), but he believed in using everything we

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Training Day: Games & Drivers

Games Victim Rescuer Persecutor All games involve interactions using at least two of these three roles. The fascinating aspect of such psychological games is that individuals can switch roles in

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