Year-End Reviews

Meeting Myself Anew

This yearly review might turn out to be the final entry of this entire blog. [Actually, not quite.] If so, then I will have concluded this decades-long personal development project

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Stillness & Gratitude

This yearly assessment reflects on a year-end retreat, connecting what happened there with the year itself. It has been a relatively quiet year, and yet there have been three major

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There’s Beauty In The Detail

In this review of 2020 it becomes clear that not only is there beauty in the detail, there is also release. The more we explore and examine what arises –

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Trusting Love & Life

I began this review of 2019 with the impression that my resolution from last year had not lasted long. The more I reflected, however, the more I saw that its

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One Year, Three Retreats

When I began to write this review of 2018, I couldn’t see much beyond the two main experiences of the year. The Silent Retreat, and what can perhaps be referred

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Review the Year

At a time when people are busy formulating their resolutions for the coming year, it is more important to look back over the year just gone to remember and acknowledge the

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Reviewing Our Year

Woke up and exercised. Not only did it feel good to start the day like this, it also gave my Parent ego state the chance to exert itself in a

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