Who Am I?

My name is Jonathan Lewis. I was born in 1968 in the UK. Personal development has always been the main focus of my life, along with an interest in what makes us who we are and how we can actively influence our own growth.

For a number of years I worked in the financial sector in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands; mainly in investment banking and software. My work now is focused on coaching individual clients and training groups in a wide variety of subjects around the themes of self-awareness, personal and professional development, and deep connection. A native English speaker, I also speak fluent German, and have a very good knowledge of Dutch.

Jonathan Lewis

pivotal experience in my own development was working closely with a psychotherapist in the UK. For four years (2000-2003) I was part of a group of dedicated people, determined to improve themselves. We were supported in ways which went far beyond the support one could normally expect on such a journey. The work was intense, often extremely tough and demanding, but also highly rewarding and ultimately life-changing. (My journals from that period have been published on my blog and can be found in the archives.) I will always be grateful for having had that opportunity and I am dedicated to extending the same opportunity to all those who are similarly committed to discovering themselves.

My mission is to foster awareness, personal development, and self-discovery. With a talent for making sense of what people tell me, I routinely demonstrate how much potential for insight and learning exists in even the simplest of experiences. I have an acute ability to reflect deeply and make meaningful connections. By highlighting the connections within an individual’s story, I am able to distil the essence in a way which simplifies and illuminates their development process. I also excel in groups, connecting the stories, issues, and insights of different people, enabling them to support each other and maximise their learning.

In my search for truth I ask questions until there is clarity and understanding. My goal is always the same: to support people in seeing things clearly for themselves, because that is what drives real and lasting personal growth. People believe and trust in my work because it is firmly rooted in my own experience. I lead by example, not asking anyone to do anything I have not done myself, whilst always seeking to learn from every experience and interaction. All with a charming curiosity, an excellent ear, and a desire to serve.


Here is some feedback offered by two colleagues during an onboarding session, a few weeks after joining MWP:

First impression: Not sure what to make of him, flat; but when he opened his mouth I was immediately impressed.  •  He knows exactly what he wants to say.  •  Everything he says hits the mark.  •  It’s as if he can read people’s minds.  •  He makes a deep connection.  •  There’s nothing fancy about him, but there’s something magical about how he does what he does.  •  When he works with you, it’s a dance.  •  He is able to summarise exactly what is important (in what just happened).  •  He is able to bring things up to the surface in a (special) way which doesn’t shock you or scare you, but definitely makes you sit up and think.  •  I have the feeling that if I spent time with him, he could help me in my life.

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