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Using Transactional Analysis (TA) as the foundation, I work with individuals and groups to improve their awareness of themselves and others. I challenge clients and use direct feedback to augment the process of personal development. As a result, my approach highlights behaviour patterns and pinpoints areas for improvement.

Individual coaching

Personal Development

Self-awareness is an intrinsic component of the work I do, and the services I offer are all based on the power of individuals to know themselves, influence their lives, and make a difference to the world.

  • Define, pursue, and achieve your goals.
  • Realise the best possible version of yourself.
  • Become conscious of the patterns in your life.
  • See the learning opportunities in every experience.
  • Understand why people are the way they are.
  • Experience tangible, concrete and long-term improvements.

Business Coaching

By supporting people to increase their awareness of themselves and their environment, as well as empowering them to create their own solutions (e.g. working guidelines, communication procedures) I facilitate effective and long-term change. As a consequence, individuals and teams have greater self-worth and a more motivated approach to everything they do; and businesses benefit from an increase in both employee satisfaction and retention rates.

  • Be and feel better in your job.
  • Improve your working relationships.
  • Strive for a better future – an ‘impossible’ future.
  • Become aware of the importance of teamwork and support.
  • Create, lead or influence change at work.
  • Become calmer and more at ease.



I favour a longer-term approach, so I believe in using follow-up sessions over a period of weeks or months to supplement the main workshops. It helps to cement learning and enhance development. As well as drawing on my own experience, I use Transactional Analysis (TA) as a framework for understanding and developing a more successful team dynamic. It is an effective approach for development at both an individual and a group level. In short, TA provides insights and guidance on:

  • How we spend our time. (Time Structuring)
  • Why we relate to each other. (Strokes)
  • Why we use the strategies we do. (Script)
  • Our behaviour when we interact. (Ego States)
  • What drives our behaviour – especially in stressful situations. (Drivers)
  • The kinds of interactions we see all around us every day. (Transactions)
  • The (psychological) games we play with each other to get what we want. (Games)

The Instruction Manual

This is all about encouraging you to make a few notes each day about how your day went. At the same time, it walks you through the process you will inevitably go through when you begin to look more closely at who you are, how you behave, and the things you can do to steer yourself more effectively through life. Eventually, your written reflections become your very own instruction manual. A powerful handbook which will show you how to get the best out of yourself… and out of life.

The main emphasis is on increasing your level of awareness through the use of the written word. You can find more information about this in the post, ‘Write Stuff Down’. Taking the time to write means that you are better able to see what happens, better able to process what happens, and better able to act in accordance with your desire to be whoever you wish to be. (For further details see: ‘The Nine Tiles’.)

  1. See the insights and learning in every experience; and create greater clarity, balance and awareness in your life.
  2. Everything comes into sharper focus as you begin to see your habits, patterns and conditioning more clearly.
  3. Further insight into the power you have to create change in all areas of your life, and ways you can harness that power.
  4. Attain a finer appreciation of what is required, including the ability to make your life easier by simply tuning in.
  5. Understand exactly what you are up against, and how to counter the mind. For example, by seeking evidence.
  6. See how you undermine your progress, how you (unconsciously) create your reality, and the value of letting go.
  7. Grasp the whole process, understand the necessity of practice, and realise the importance of seeing your progress.
  8. Learn why relaxing is always the best way to respond when you (inevitably) hit a wall and want to give up.


Everything about our world is experienced through the filter of our own self. But what is that filter and how does it work? It’s only when we examine who we are – our habits, our patterns, our beliefs – that we begin to take greater control of our lives. This inevitably leads to more contentment and greater peace of mind.

These 18 seminars – which ran between April & November 2016 – offer clarity and insight into the simplicity of life and the personal development process. They were based on my own experiences, as documented on my blog and in my book, Evolution By Natural Reflection.

For more information on their content, click on the Seminars page, or watch the highlights on the Videos page.

As a brief summary, this video encapsulates the importance of seeing our conditioning as clearly as possible. It was a response to the question: What is the most important lesson people need to learn?

The main message is that when we let go of what no longer works for us, we begin to experience that what remains is more beautiful, more peaceful, and more powerful than we ever thought possible…