Jonathan is an exceptional professional! Before we started working together, I did not know what to expect, from myself and from a coach, nor did I know what exact results I wanted to accomplish. He allowed me the space to explore my own needs and find my own way in the process, while still providing me with the necessary guidance and support. He was not only engaged, responding promptly to my emails and sending me quick follow-ups after meetings, but I could tell he really cared to help me. Being such an insightful and personable individual, he was capable of getting to know me within no time, allowing him to challenge me in the right way. There were moments when I found the process difficult, as some things I discovered about myself were confronting. However, this is by far the best thing I could have done for myself. I am so grateful that he did not shy away from pushing me to dig deeper and search further for my truth. It was certainly a steep learning curve. All that I accomplished in the 2 months that we worked together, would have taken way longer had I tried doing this on my own or with any other coach. I found peace within myself that I did not realize I needed. I now feel more aware than ever of who I am, what conditions me, what my personal boundaries are, and what makes me truly happy. The benefits from all of that are already showing in both career and personal aspects!

After 30 years in business I feel I’ve taken every workplace training, management and psychometric course known to man. Jonathan offers something different: Personalised, blended, sourced from his own experience and totally effective. He’s helped change my home and work life, improving effectiveness and fulfilment in both. I now rely upon him as much in keeping balance and perspective during good times as in tough ones. He’s not for everyone; he’s supremely confident, driven, unbending, brutally honest and disciplined. But if you can handle this while valuing the qualities of integrity, compassion and a sense of humour, you’ll find your life will improve permanently.

“I found Jonathan’s way of working to be quiet, calm and very reassuring. He is open and straightforward. He has great insight, but uses clear language and some vivid images, as well as humour, to great effect. When he talks, things just make sense. He is always willing to share his own experiences if he thinks they will help; he never asks his clients to do things he is not prepared to do himself. It really felt like a joint project, working together, not like ‘being coached’ at all. I found some of the sessions challenging, many of them inspiring, and all of them fascinating and enlightening.

My work with Jonathan proved to be one of the most fulfilling times of my professional career. Always available, and highly insightful, Jonathan provided me with the tools and insight that I needed to help me achieve both the professional and personal goals that I’d set myself. The work was hard at times, but Jonathan’s particular skill was in drawing on his own knowledge and experience, as well as helping me draw on my own, to find the focus and motivation I needed to stick with the process. I have emerged from it both more effective and more self-aware than before. I highly recommend Jonathan to others looking for a solid coach, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jonathan again in future.

Our company brought in Jonathan for a team training on feedback and (coping with) resistance. The training was an eye-opener for all of the participants. They learned about giving and receiving feedback and coping with resistance in a natural, almost tailor made way. By listening to their stories and input, Jonathan was able to create an intense learning environment that got the momentum started: new insights immediately found their way to the daily practice and the results of the workshops will keep on resonating all through our work.

“Probably the most thought-provoking presentation I have ever experienced. I can confidently say for the first time in my life I was able to clearly self-evaluate and understand why it is that I communicate with others in a certain way. In addition, I started to see how changing my own approach and response could lead to a better end result for all involved.”

“Jonathan and I have worked together intensely over the past year, from personal growth to career development. He consistently leverages his extensive experience and insightful mind to create a clarity of issue and purpose in every conversation. His commitment to excellence in coaching (and in life) both instructs and inspires. I thoroughly recommend Jonathan as a coach to anyone truly committed to rise.”

“It was a very special day in which people where open to share and felt comfortable doing so. The training has opened my eyes in terms of what good and honest communication can do and how it can be appreciated if the timing and setting are correct. I want to strive to be that person [who] is in tune with my behaviour and that of others so that the environment and people around me can be comfy, safe and overall better.”

I was so happy with the outcomes of our individual work together that I asked Jonathan to facilitate a workshop with my immediate team. 17 strong, with 11 nationalities and a fair selection of potentially awkward customers, we spent an entire day together at our European HQ. Jonathan had worked with me beforehand in the planning of the workshop, and also dedicated time to meet some of my team in an informal setting. Throughout this pre-work I was impressed by his attitude: that I was to set the goals for the workshop which he would then drive us towards. Never once did I feel that our workshop was being moulded to suit his techniques. The day itself was a mixture of group work, observation, and collective reflection, and was a resounding success. The feedback from the group was universally positive, and I saw a very real change in the group behaviours. I continue to work with Jonathan, and will have no hesitation in calling on him next time I plan a group workshop.

Jonathan was recommended to me by someone who had experienced the positive effect of his work on a number of her colleagues. At the time, I was feeling increasingly desperate about work and I was ready to try anything to learn to deal with specific work situations and colleagues better. I browsed the C-volution website and Jonathan’s interactive approach appealed to me. His support was just what I needed and has been amazing. He has been instrumental not only in helping me deal with issues I have in the workplace but also in dealing with very personal family and social situations. If you are willing to invest time in your personal and professional development Jonathan’s support and (your own!) work will be holistic and powerful.

I started my work with Jonathan on an individual level when I transitioned jobs. I immediately connected with him, liking his straight and honest approach. I wasn’t force fed this month’s latest fad, nor pointed to endless books and reading lists. What he offered me was his time and patience, and gradually through questioning and reflection, a heightened awareness of my behaviours, together with some simple techniques to help me manage them.

“I found the Transactional Analysis illuminating, and the workshops using this technique made a lasting impression on me. I got to know the different aspects of TA and how I can react differently. I especially learned that communication is not as easy as it seems and where the reasons for communication issues lie, such that I no longer see them as problems. I learned techniques to be able to improve my communication. A very good combination of theory and practice.”

“Reading your blog I feel like I am skimming the water of a very deep ocean in all that you have learnt and know about yourself and others.”

“I am a writer and journalist. When I got stuck on a big project (writing a book) I asked Jonathan for help. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wish I had done it earlier. Not only because he got me on track with my project – fast, impressively effectively, and in a very pleasant way – but also because he provided me with tools I will use for the rest of my life. Tools to get work done faster and better. And, maybe more importantly, to enjoy life even more.

“With Jonathan’s guidance I was able to uncover habits and patterns of behaviour that I had barely been aware of, to recognize them and realize what impact they were having, both good and less good. The work was guided by what was on my mind, by things that I wanted to talk about, examine or address. This took me some way outside my comfort zone, but once I got used to it – what a liberation! Our work was like drawing back a curtain, throwing light on a whole array of things that had been lurking in the dark, that suddenly became clear and obvious. There were several ‘Eureka!’ moments.

“The workshops addressed the core of the issues of behaviour. As a result, I am better able to influence my own behaviour and to control my communication with people in a way which makes it more effective. Meeting and discussing these things regularly helps me to maintain my focus on the everyday issues which arise. It provides the discipline to help practice the techniques.”

“I worked with Jonathan during the last four months of writing my PhD-thesis. Without him, these wouldn’t have been the last months of thesis writing, though. I would have taken longer to finish. He really helped me to get on track, but also to learn about myself in the process. I have acquired new knowledge about my particular set of pitfalls that get in the way of my productivity. More importantly, because of our daily contact I picked up new skills and habits to increase my productivity, and these skills are here to stay.”

I opted for the immersion package, working intensely with Jonathan for two full days. The chance to step back and reflect on my career and my life in general was something I’ve never done or thought of doing before, but it was so valuable. Learning about some of the techniques, like Transactional Analysis, has been great. I’ve taken the things I’ve learnt and used them successfully in my professional and my personal relationships. But most valuable of all, Jonathan has helped me become more aware of myself.

“Jonathan has been helping me to move forward in my career and has also been priceless help in my personal life. He didn’t just give me the solution to problems, he guided me to find the answer myself and then reflect back to intensify what I had learned and experienced. He is patient, easy to work with, personal, demanding and understands my struggle. He gives examples from his experiences that are easy to understand. Without his help I would not be where I am today.”

“I worked with Jonathan as I reached a crossroads in both my career and my life. It was a wonderful exercise in raising my confidence and self-awareness that I could never have achieved alone. He directed my thinking toward the positive and productive, helped strip away the modesty and humility and enabled me to step outside myself and see me as others do. I felt I was given permission to be the person that deep down I always knew I was.”

“Jonathan helped me through a moment of major life transition with care and insight that helped me let go and move forward, more confident, more aware and able to take on the challenges I could barely articulate before we worked together.”

“I had the pleasure to work with Jonathan during the period I was writing my thesis, which turned out to be just a small part of the work we did together. He gave me priceless insights about myself and the way I lived life. He helped me understand myself and the world around me, and he taught me why personal development is one of the most important things in life. Jonathan is a great coach who aims for long-term, sustainable improvement. I would recommend him to anybody. He is a unique person who changed my life.”

An excellent presentation, very informative with valuable insights. I always thought it would be easier to just go through life ignoring many of the points you pointed out today, but I realize you can make your life so much easier if you become aware and recognize things.

“You have already changed and impacted my life in ways I could not have imagined. Just knowing that we’re going to be working on this [new issue] together brings a sense of calmness to me already. I know that working with you, I will have success.

“Jonathan coached me through my thesis, explaining that the goal is not only to write a great thesis, but also to see it as a process and to observe myself within that process. I was successful in every way. Working with Jonathan has been a pleasure and I wish everybody the same learning experience as he has given me. It really is a gift to me.

“I had been to see other people but hadn’t had anything close to the success I have had with Jonathan. The way he teaches, the way he presents, and the way he relates by sharing his own experiences. He actually communicates. That is unique.”

“Jonathan’s coaching has helped me see certain aspects of my behaviour which, although they seemed small, had a big influence in both my working and private life. While seeing them was the first major step, the improvements, influenced by the coaching, have improved both my private as well as my business life. As a result, I feel much more at ease with myself.”

“The work with Jonathan has fuelled an increased interest in myself. To be able to identify my own behaviour and to know that I can influence it is a highly motivating factor in my own personal development. Furthermore, the TA work has helped me in my communication and my relationships with others. It is good to know we can analyse everyday situations and influence them, and it just shows how important it is to observe yourself – also in situations as they unfold – which is not easy.“

“Jonathan’s coaching helped me to arrive at a tailor-made solution for my management team. It’s great to see that one can have a vision and, without necessarily knowing the details, be able to get on with things, inspire people and have the flexibility to bring in new ideas along the way.”

“Jonathan is an amazing guy, he listens and is honestly interested in anything you want to share. I have never felt so safe with anyone I just met.”