This Is How He Works

After yesterday’s feedback, I woke up feeling fucked in every way and from every angle. I felt nauseated, dizzy and was breathing irregularly. I got into the work with Dev and we worked well. Faster and more effectively than yesterday and we did a good job on the panels. I engaged, remained focused and stayed with the job in hand. It got me out of my state.

By the evening I wanted to keep going. I wrote my submission to the BACP on Karaj. This turned out to be high in Adapted Child, but that did not get to me. The men helped me to see why, and helped me to reformulate what I wanted to say. A good comparison of Child and Parent responses.

We spent the rest of the evening, until 02.30, with Karaj’s response to the allegations from Robert’s wife. (She first found his appraisals here and they were returned to Robert by her solicitor here, and now she has lodged an official complaint with the BACP, the main accrediting body for counselling & psychotherapy).

This is how Karaj works. He did not read the allegations until about one o’clock in the morning when he was satisfied with his response; made from his own stance and his own principles on life and therapy. He was thorough and did not waver from his procedures. A positive way to deal with negativity.

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