Always A Way Through

This piece explains the insight which allowed Karaj to put to rest years of work, and so bring our 20-year story to a satisfying conclusion. At the same time, it

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Keep Clearing Your Path

I got married last month, and two days prior to the wedding I spoke with Karaj. He told me that our conversations over the preceding weeks had finally laid to

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The Arena Of Transformation

The previous five posts* show how it is possible to transform a difficult experience into a burgeoning source of learning and development. They also provide insight into the idea of

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Who Updates Your Software?

One click is all it takes. Sometimes two if you have to accept the new terms and conditions (which you do blindly and with the exasperation of an extra, unnecessary

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Complete The Picture

I attended a wedding last weekend. It was a wonderful occasion, as weddings so often are, and for two days afterwards I met and reflected on the whole event with

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Write Stuff Down

I know someone who, when she first learnt to read, ran home from school and immediately sat down to teach her younger siblings. To her it was like magic. A

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Discover When, How & Why

There are times when we find ourselves in a bad mood and cannot fully explain why. Even when we think we know, we may not have the full story. But

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Controlled Experiments

In the previous post (We Already Know) I wrote that we already have the answers we are looking for. But how can we be sure? How do we distinguish the

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