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Right Thought

I slept through until 05:45. E&M went fairly well as I tried not to be affected by my pains. Forget the progress – just take each day as it comes. I feel blocked with all the appraisal information I have to record. I am eager to get it out of my system. After a year of doing my appraisals, I feel that if I don’t write things down I cannot function properly.

I talked to Karaj about Robert’s weekend and Karaj himself became frustrated. He asked me to raise a question in the next newsletter regarding how I react when people tell me something which I feel needs challenging. Do I challenge, do I raise it with Karaj, or simply ask the individual if they have raised it with him?

[Karaj: In the first place, whatever you talk to me about should contribute to you. As always, the assessment has to be based on right thought and nothing else.]

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