Tackle The Problem In Front of Me

Talked with Karaj. Raise things in the group because then I receive the reassurance I need (for my Child) and I get to see the process – how it works and what will happen every time. This means that I will not get down about events… because I knew it would happen… because we discussed it in the group. And all because I raised it.

Also, I may think my problems are trivial but they are the important ones and anyway, the trivial stuff has to get sorted before we can proceed. Yesterday I considered that this problem of not being straight was one of many and if they are all that difficult then I have an overwhelming amount of work to do. Karaj tells me that all I can do is tackle the problem in front of me and that more than likely when I solve one problem many others will disappear as a consequence.

Although I did not do much this afternoon, Karaj tells me that I was a big help to him. Just my presence was enough for him to complete his work and prepare himself for another course in Cambridge. When I returned home Aubrey was taking it easy in the back garden. Eventually we started to do some work in the garden. It was a lovely way to spend the rest of the afternoon. We worked quietly and efficiently and arranged to do some more next weekend.

18.45 E&M 30 mins. This was more like a token effort, just to keep my exercise routine ticking over.

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