The Power of Writing

07.15 E&M 30 mins. I spent the day getting my appraisal up to date. There have been many learning points over the last week.

  • Go easy on myself – I am good and I don’t need to feel inferior or subservient to others.
  • I am the master of my own destiny – just because things didn’t work out in Germany the way I had thought does not mean I let myself down.
  • I can choose not to get emotional
  • I am a serious person – being serious is congruent to my nature and being congruent puts me at ease with myself and makes me more effective.

Talked to Karaj about the power of writing.

  • By writing down my experiences, thoughts and feelings, I am focused on myself, my life and my process.
  • Having a written record of what I have been through allows me to monitor my progress, own my achievements, and appreciate how far I have come.
  • Recording what I want to achieve gives me a record of my goals and aims, helping me to maintain my focus.
  • Other people can see at a glance where I am and where I want to be and can give me feedback on how I am doing and what I can do to stay on track.

Worked until midnight on newsletter 10. I felt frustration at first because I had just woken up from my nap when we started (about 9pm), but after an hour I was into my stride and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. It’s newsletter time again!

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