Wake Up, It’s Later Than You Think

In this morning’s supervision session, Simran was low and miserable and Ishwar was asleep; not with it at all. Upon hearing that Simran’s son’s guinea pig has died, Karaj dictated a poem immediately. No fear, no doubt, it’s done, dealt with, finished, move on. Karaj produces without attachment; that is why he is so prolific.

Over lunch with Karaj and Shona, there was a Goethe passage about standing before God and knowing that he knows the effort we are making and the help that we need. We are not alone. Keep going. In the relaxed atmosphere of the washing up afterwards, I started to get cocky but, once I saw it, I calmed down, quietened down and got on with work.

For the rest of the afternoon we worked on the statements and the log book we use to summarise every meeting we have. Simran and Karaj worked together but, again and again, Simran was not with it. In the evening they went to the temple. I could have rested but worked on, updating my to-do list. I had things to do and felt quite alive. Plus I knew that if I slept, I would wake up not wanting to do anything.

At 21:30 the three of us sat together for an hour. Karaj expressed his view that enough is enough. People really are fucking around too much. He has had enough. Michelle arrived halfway through and sat saying nothing throughout. Likewise Simran.

Summary: slow start. Simran very low and not with it at all. Worked well in the afternoon and evening and listened to what Karaj had to say tonight. As was my observation three years ago, people are not making the most of things. In the last week I have begun to wake up a little. I am challenging more; I’m more alert and more aware of what is going on with the people around me. It makes a lovely change and I can see what Karaj was saying tonight: people are asleep to the possibilities in their lives. Karaj has tried to spell it out to us but we seem intent on not listening and not following instructions. Wake up, it’s later than you think.

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