Reinforcing Good Habits

This morning, when the alarm went at 5:55am, I considered a 10-minute lie-in. I have done so well this week and I feel so good that I had earned an extra few minutes in bed. I realised what was happening. I was convincing myself not to do what I know is good for me. I got out of bed to exercise. As I stood ready to begin, the pessimism and gloom arrived.

[Karaj: Your script will hit back again and again.]

I smiled to myself because I knew everything was okay and, again, I knew what was happening. The gloom disappeared and I started my day.

I feel as though I am getting closer and closer to a pain-free existence. My dream is becoming a reality. I am doing so well with my exercises, I am enjoying the mornings and am also exercising in the evenings. I haven’t trapped a nerve for a long time when at one point it seemed I was always trapping one nerve or another. I feel stronger and fitter all the time. Keep it up. Take it easy. Relax. Enjoy yourself.

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