Creating a Winning Script

Today I have had glimpses of the difference between my emotional Child ego state, and the more level-headed, calmer Parent ego state. I much prefer the latter.

Sunil arrived for the weekend. We talked and he confirmed what Karaj had said in his latest feedback: that we can become winners. I wasn’t aware this was even feasible because it seems almost impossible to change our scripts. But it isn’t: if we work hard and stick to the path, we can learn to win in spite of our scripts. In addition he said that if I lose, it will be in a way similar to the circumstances which caused me to give up football – I will have no choice.

Sunil asked me to read through his work for Sicily. I did so but wasn’t sure what to say. I felt that these pieces of writing should really bring out our successes such that we could almost frame the paper they are written on. I wasn’t convinced that Sunil’s writings achieved this, and that was the feedback I gave him. As I write now I tell myself that I should have been more positive, and I also recognise it as a trait of mine – I am inclined to give negative feedback. I feel that I should make more of an effort to find the positive. [Karaj: Good. That also means a real relationship.]

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